Early this Tuesday, civil guards from the Central Operational Unit (UCO) carried out an operation against drug trafficking in different parts of Spain. In Marbella, a total of nine people were arrestedsupposedly being two of them “quite well known” businessmen in the municipality, as reported to Malaga Today sources close to the investigation.

The nationwide performances began early in the morning and ended late at night. In Marbella, the agents were deployed in a polygon located in the district of Nueva Andalucía, where they carried out some searches, as advanced South. Total, nine people were arrestedand one of them may have been released late in the day, after giving a statement – a possibility that this newspaper has not been able to confirm.

Apparently, two of those investigated are well known in the Marbella municipality for having companies. One of them allegedly leads and coordinates a local sports center; while the second is supposedly a member of a group that has different hospitality establishments.

Within the framework of this operation, UCO agents have intervened in other Spanish cities, carrying out a twenty records and a total of 14 arrests. The Court of Valencia is aware of these facts, and has authorized entry to the different addresses and premises in order to carry out the searches. At the moment, the investigation is still open and more actions will be carried out, they say from the Central Operational Unit of the Civil Guard.

Another anti-drug operation, in October

A little less than a month ago, the Civil Guard already carried out an operation against drug trafficking in the province of Malaga. Altogether, the agents 16 people were arrestedmostly citizens from Eastern Europe.

Some 150 agents of the Malaga Command and the Regional Center for Analysis and Intelligence against Drug Trafficking (Crain) carried out up to eleven registrations in different municipalities throughout the morning of October 19: five in Mijas, three in Torremolinos, two in Fuengirola and one in Alhaurín de la Torre.

In the inspection of these homes and premises they seized documentation, more than half a million euros, marijuana, weapons, various vehicles and electronic material. This operation was part of an investigation that directs the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team (EDOA) of Malaga.

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