The Malaga province continues to fight its final path towards the pandemic. This time, the Ministry of Health and Families has reported that this Saturday, there have been two new deaths due to coronavirus, which would raise to 1,987 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

A day where the number of infections detected by PDIA (PCR and rapid antigen test) increases with 85 more positives compared to 60 that occurred last Friday. Therefore, they are already 155,475 contagions in the province, with a number of recovered that amounts to 76 more people, standing at 153,668.

Malaga hospitals

The situation in lhe Malaga hospitals remain with 58 hospitalized people, three less than last day, of which 15 are in the Intensive Care Units (ICU).

Regarding the vaccination process, this Saturday it was reported that they are already 2,473,168 doses administered in the province of Malaga. In this sense, the total number of people with an inoculated vaccine is 1,296,735 and 1,269,795 already have the complete schedule.

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