The scene repeats itself in just three days on the Costa del Sol, where it is increasingly common to be present in broad daylight at ‘narcos’ unloading drug caches under the watchful eye of bathers. But it doesn’t always work out for them. This Wednesday afternoon, two national police officers off duty managed to thwart one of these caches, in a Estepona beach.

The agents were enjoying a day at the beach, like any citizen, when two jet skis They approached the shore loaded with three packages, which appeared to be bundles of hashish. Faced with this situation, the police officers acted and they managed to retain the two people who were carrying the drug.

As reported on Thursday by the Civil Guard, the two jet skis had been located at several miles from the coast of Marbella and Estepona, which set off all the alarms. Then, the service room activated the Maritime Service patrol boat and patrols from the Ojen and Torremolinos posts to the Saladillo beach, in Estepona, where both boats were heading.

Once on the beach, the Civil Guard patrols verified that two national policemen, who were out of service, had immobilized two people as well as three lumps that appear to be hashish, according to sources from the armed institute.

It is the second time this week that bathers witness the arrival of vessels with drug bales to a beach from the Costa del Sol. Last Monday he spent in the Cabopino area, in Marbella. A boat approached the coast and the two people in it began to throw bales of drugs into the sea. Two others, in the water, were picking them up.

In just a minute they threw up to four large packages, while numerous bathers recorded them and unhooked their phones to alert the security forces. In fact, the Emegencias 112 Andalucía service received that afternoon, around 9:30 p.m., several calls from citizens.

The Civil Guard, the Local Police and the National Police were notified, but by the time the agents arrived there were no longer any no sign of the ‘narcos’. The boat turned out to sea at high speed and the two men who had picked up the bundles fled with them from the beach.

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