The two local policemen from Estepona that abused an 18 year old girl in 2018 they have been sentenced to two years in prison, but they will avoid entering prison after an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office and private prosecution on the condition that they undergo a sex education program and compensate the victim with 80,000 euros.

On April 22, a hearing was held in which the Prosecutor’s Office, the private prosecution and the defense attorneys of both defendants presented a joint brief in which it was also agreed to disqualification from employment or public office of the policemen and the prohibition to communicate with the girl for 10 years.

The judgmentto which EFE had access this Wednesday, was issued based on the agreement of both defendants with the new indictment presented jointly by all the procedural parties, despite the fact that initially the Prosecutor’s Office requested 30 years in prison for the defendants and considered the facts “sexual assault”.

After this agreement, a trial was not considered necessary. The magistrates base this agreement on the fact that neither party opposes the suspension, that the abusers have already compensated the victim and in the “low probability” of reoffending; and the agreement between the parties can only be accepted by the judge.

In fact, the president of the Eighth Section of the Provincial Court of Malaga, in a dissenting opinion, rejects this criterion because he believes that the facts reveal a “pronounced criminal dangerousness in their authors”, which in his opinion carried out a “very planned action” being public servants.

The events took place on June 9, 2018, when the then 18-year-old girl moved to Estepona, went out partying with some friends and, when leaving the nightclub in a car driven by a friend, these They stopped at a police checkpoint where the agents, now convicted, were on duty.

According to the sentence, when verifying the agents that the occupants of the car they had drunkThey were ordered to get out of the vehicle and ask for a taxi, a fact that the young people complied with, who -at the insistence of the policemen- provided him with a personal telephone number so that the agents will take the car to the location of the boys.

According to the complainant’s account, moments after the three friends arrived at her building, the agents appeared in the private car of one of them and, after having a brief friendly conversation, they proposed to the young people to go up to the domicileto which they agreed to be policemen, and, once there, the denounced events took place.

At half past six in the morning, once there, and after accessing the apartment, one of the agents -according to the account of the Prosecutor’s Office- asked the rest: “Well, how do you start an orgy?”

The accused allegedly they tried to convince the victim to have a threesome, to which they stated that “how many girls would like to be in your place and get involved with two policemen at the same time” and, although the young woman resisted, they undressed her, one of the agents put his fingers in her vagina and another penetrated her without a condom .

Due to this fact, the victim has required pharmacological and psychotherapeutic medical treatment presenting post-traumatic stress syndrome for which he has been in treatment.

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