The National Police has two young people arrested in Estepona as alleged perpetrators of at least ten car and garage break-ins. Those arrested, aged 19 and 21, took advantage of the carelessness of the victims to steal effects from inside the cars or accessed the garages of a community of owners to steal two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles or scooters).

The youths were located and arrested when circulated with one of the motorcycles stolen by Estepona. During the search carried out in the home of one of those arrested, effects were located, which were later recognized by their legitimate owners.

The investigation was initiated due to the increase in robberies and thefts inside vehicles, concentrated mainly in the industrial zone of the town, agents of the UDEV Patrimony Group of the Local Police Station of Estepona initiated an investigation for the total clarification of the facts.

According to the statements provided by the victims, the abductions would have taken place taking advantage of the carelessness of driverswhich would have left parked open vehiclesmomentarily, at the access doors to the establishments where they carried out their business for a short period of time.

Initially, the agents investigated the commission of four criminal acts of similar characteristics, verifying that, some of the stolen effects had been sold, later, in a second-hand goods trading establishment. Likewise, it was recorded that the alleged perpetrator of the robberies had made some purchase with the cards stolen from the cars.

Given these facts, and once the alleged perpetrator had been identified, a device was established to locate them. During its development, the agents verified that several robberies perpetrated in the garages of a community of owners had been carried out by the same investigated, in the company of another individual. On these occasions, the suspects allegedly stole several electric bicycles, a motorcycle and a scooter.

Precisely, the suspects were intercepted when they were riding a motorcycle stolen by the town, the driver lacking a driving license. In the home search carried out in the home of one of the detainees, the investigators have recovered two stolen electric bicycles and a scooter, which once recognized by the complainants have been delivered to their legitimate owners.

The two arrested are charged in total ten criminal actssuch as the crime of theft inside a vehicle, fraud, vehicle theft and a crime against road safety.

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