United We can qualify as “absolute nonsense” the call for social grants in competitive concurrence by the Marbella City Council, published last week in the BOP Malaga, and considers it “scarce compared to the endowment for nominal grants.” In addition, they regret that these municipal aid are «conditional on whether budget credit remains«.

The local coordinator of Izquierda Unida, Victoria Morales, points out that the call “is very late” for some groups that need these grants to give a specialized care many neighbors with special needs. In addition, these subsidies are to justify expenses made in 2021 «when we are at the gates of November and they have total uncertainty of if they will arrive this year ».

The coalition describes as “incomprehensible” that the granting of these aid is “subject to whether at the time of the resolution there is budget credit”, and believes that the mayor should have secured on budget.

For his part, the member of the Círculo de Podemos de Marbella San Pedro, Abraham Massri, recalls that «while it has been signing nominal agreements with different social groups, which already have the economic capacity to carry out their projects, many others are in a uncertain situation before this call ».

According to United We Can, the aid amounts together to 150,000 euros which must be distributed equitably among 28 collectives, equivalent to 5,350 euros per entity, an amount that “would not cover in many cases or the hiring of qualified professionals«.

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