The United We Can coalition has criticized this Tuesday the “waste” of the Marbella City Council in flowers and “unnecessary works” before the tender for a flower and plant material supply contract valued at more than 2.5 million euros, which has been considered “disproportionate in amount and ill-advised regarding the landscaping and environmental policy of the municipality”.

“We consider that it does not make any sense to carry out this wastage in superfluous actions of the government team when the city has other infrastructure needs that are much more important and necessary, such as the sports facilities, major cultural facilitiesfacilities for alternative leisure for adolescents, facilitating access to housing for our young people or the non-existent aid plans for businesses in the municipality”, they have denounced from United We Can.

The local coordinator of the United Left, Victoria Morales, has recalled that “it is known by all citizens the amount of seasonal flowers that are planted in our municipality and that barely last weeks, which is a real waste for the municipal budget”, indicating that “flowering plants with an ephemeral life are chosen that must be replaced in a very short time, instead of betting on native plants, adapted to the climate throughout the year and that also represent savings in terms of irrigation”.

For his part, the member of the Podemos circle in Marbella – San Pedro, Abraham Massri, has stressed that it is “an absolute outrageous to spend more than half a million euros a year on flowers that last days in good condition, being an economically unsustainable investmentbut also from an environmental point of view.

“With the bet on seasonal flowers and expensive specimens like the chorisia tree-sculpture on the roundabout in El Trapiche, which is not indigenous but of Argentine origin, right in front of an avenue where they have perpetrated a felling of more than fifty large trees, the Marbella City Council once again turns its back on the climate emergency”, he has valued.

The training warns that “on the other hand we also check the continuous waste in unnecessary works such as the Miraflores roundabouts, the one in front of the National Police station, the roundabout in front of the Valdeolletas school, the one on San Pedro Boulevard or the Ashmawi roundabout and median, some works with a million-dollar investment that last for months and where no improvement is appreciated, they only serve to throw money away by changing one roundabout for another”.

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