United We Can Marbella-San Pedro, at the gates of the Town Hall.
United We Can Marbella-San Pedro, at the gates of the Town Hall.

United We Can Marbella-San Pedro has indicated at a press conference that they attend “perplexed the disastrous economic management of the City Council in addition to the contradictory spectacle starring Ángeles Muñoz in recent weeks regarding the management of municipal resources and revenues ”.

The local coordinator of IU, Victoria Morales, has assured that “less than a month ago, in the presentation to the media of the budgets for the year 2022, the mayor presumed to freeze local taxes and just a few weeks ago she showed cutting, refusing to apply the future state housing law that will allow increasing the IBI to empty houses. Meanwhile, this week I did not hesitate to charge against the central government for the cancellation of the capital gains tax, despite the fact that it was the constitutional court that decided to cancel this tax, which was once configured by the Aznar government ”.

“We do not understand the fiscal incoherence of Ángeles Muñoz, refusing to obtain greater income for the City Council and to do so on those who have economic capacity to spare, those who maintain empty homes all year, while at the same time shouting in the sky before a judicial decision that annuls a debatable tax such as that of the municipal capital gain. It is the same practice that his party partner Juanma Moreno carries out in the Junta de Andalucía, who with one hand cancels the tax on millionaires who obtain an inheritance and with the other demands more resources and transfers to the central government, ”Morales pointed out.

For his part, the member of the Círculo de Podemos in Marbella-San Pedro, Abraham Massri, has pointed out that “in fiscal policy the key is not so much which taxes are paid or how much, but who pays them. While in the Popular Party they refuse to collect taxes from millionaires who inherit or those who maintain second, third or fourth empty residences all year round, in our city housing is inaccessible for the vast majority of the population with a zero housing policy . That is why these populist tax freeze announcements are at odds with the mayor’s outrage now that one of them has even been removed. From Unidos Podemos we believe that the City Council should have a fair and progressive tax system, in which those who have the most pay more municipal taxes and that the City Council has sufficient resources to promote social and investment policies that benefit the majority of the population ”.

From the coalition they add that “to these contradictions we must add the request made by the government team to the State Management Fund for a loan of up to 43 million euros to pay costs derived from judicial decisions, some with several years of validity, which it is a clear lack of foresight and jeopardizing the City Council’s own daily management. This is due to the adjustment plan involved in taking advantage of this fund, which will reduce both human resource expenditures, current spending, transfers and investments, which will lead to a deterioration in municipal public services ”.

“Furthermore, to this lack of foresight we must also add the mismanagement of existing budgets, making unnecessary expenses such as the million-dollar remodeling of roundabouts that were in perfect condition, while projects that do not involve a large investment but that have a great economic and advertising return in the city like the Ironman. All this makes clear the disastrous economic management of the ruling team of the Popular Party ”, they have affirmed.

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