The candidate for Mayor of the Marbella Town Hall of Unidas con Podemos, Victoria Morales, announced this Wednesday that “from the next government we are going to guarantee the right to enjoy June 11, the feast of San Bernabéas a holiday, and that there can be work and family reconciliation on that day designated for the people of Marbella.

The measure is proposed in opposition to the Popular Party of Ángeles Muñoz, which “has been approving the municipal plenary for two years opening of that holidaywithout listening and putting aside the demands of the workers and workers of the shopping centers”, he stated.

“We are very clear about it, the mayoress has absolutely no idea what it means for a worker the opening of June 11because she is not in this reality”, Morales pointed out, reflecting the same in that “employees earn zero euros more for working that holiday, but they also mean zero euros more to work on Sundays that they will have to work for 4 months a anus”.

Thus, he regretted that the Partido Popular de Marbella “sides with big companiesof large businesses and leaves aside small businesses that cannot compete with these large openings”, noting that “the natural hours of dependents cannot be from Monday to Sunday, without considering increases or increases due to holidays worked” .

For his part, the General Coordinator of Izquierda Unida Andalucía, Toni Valero, has indicated that “we are verifying how Mr. Moreno Bonilla is extending the law of the jungle to how many municipalities it has with governments of the Popular Party, with a liberalization of business hours with which it shows that it governs at the service of the large multinationals, and the victims of this commercial liberalization are the small and medium-sized companies, the self-employed, which They are seeing how they are having absolutely unfair competition that does not allow them to survive or reconcile”.

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