The number 2 candidate of United with Podemos, Abraham Massri, has detailed this Thursday some of the measures on youth that the formation will develop if it achieves the trust of the electorate, such as “the creation of a municipal employment plan with specific programs to facilitate access to the world of work for young people.

Thus, he has advocated for “strengthen the public housing stock with a large part of it under an affordable rental regime so that the youngest people can become emancipated, we will encourage their participation in decision-making in all local areas in a self-managed way, for example, with the transfer of premises and resources, with the opening of a single Youth Window with all the necessary information to carry out any management”.

“Another of the objectives that we set for ourselves,” Massri pointed out, “is create youth centers as spaces for cultural experimentation and leisure, facilitating access to culture from and for young people, spaces duly equipped for artistic creation such as rehearsal rooms, workshops or studios”.

Candidate number 2 has also indicated that the training will foster “prevention, awareness and education policies through campaigns that focus on affective sexual relationships, the reduction of the risk of addictions and professional attention to psychosocial problems”.

“We will prohibit new concessions to the gambling and betting houses, we will not allow them to proliferate in our city of Marbella. It is not normal for a 17-year-old boy who lives on Córdoba de San Pedro street to have to pass until he reaches the Plaza de la Libertad through the vicinity of three gambling and betting houses. We cannot allow it, for this we will strengthen the inspections so that no minor enters through those gates of hell”, Massri has advanced.

For his part, the parliamentarian from Por Andalucía, José Manuel Gómez Jurado, has placed the accent on ask young people “a vote of confidence so that they can participate directly in making policies, so that they do not govern for them”.

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