Unidas con Podemos launched its latest campaign message this Friday, where it appeals to the public to choose this coming Sunday between “mafia or democracy”, as well as his commitment to guaranteeing labor rights, as declared by the candidate for Mayor, Victoria Morales.

The mayor has indicated that “it is a turning point for Marbella. We have the opportunity to have a City Hall and a city for everyone, away from the mafia of corruption. The city cannot be in the hands of an -alleged- criminal organization. This Sunday is about choosing between mafia or democracy. It is in your hand, it is in your vote”.

“We are the minimum wage increaseWe are the guarantee of labor rights, we are the ones that are going to guarantee decent housing, we are a new public stadium, an athletics track, we are green policies that respect our natural spaces, we are transparency and participation, we are the diverse, plural and feminist. You know us and we are people with principles, we are decent people, people who do what they say”, underlined the candidate Morales.

For his part, number 2 of the candidacy, Abraham Massri, thanked the militancy for “their dedication and commitment during the electoral campaign so that the future of Marbella and San Pedro and their neighborhoods is fairer, better, for all and for all”.

“This May 28, we are at stake, that our City Council continue to be governed by the back door with the mafia, investment funds and big business, governed by those who don’t care if you can afford decent housing or not, or if you have to be at the bus stop an hour early to get to work or your hospital appointment, all they care about is making a profit with the assets, lands and resources of Marbella. That is why this May 28 we want to fill the ballot box with votes, fill the ballot box with your rights ”, he concluded.

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