The City Council has increased to 300,000 euros the budget allocated this year to the Food Guarantee Program (Wallet Card) to help the most vulnerable families. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has signed a new agreement with DYA (Stop and Help) that includes an increase of 120,000 euros to complement the initial entry of 180,000 and continue to offer “immediate and direct support” to people who need it and who will now also be able to purchase essential products throughout the month, instead of making a single monthly purchase as was done up to now.

“Last year we launched this pioneering project when the pandemic began and it was determined to give a card of different amounts, which in 2021 was established between 100 and 150 euros per month depending on the members of the family unit so that they could buy in the supermarket, ”Muñoz pointed out. The councilor explained that “in our municipal area we serve a thousand people” and indicated that “this help they receive is fully compatible with those provided by other NGOs such as Cáritas or Bancosol or the Marbella City Council itself so that they can cover their basic food ”.

“With this Wallet Card we fulfill the commitment that we had from this Government team of that there was not a single family that was not treated and supported and hence this item of 300,000 euros that is part of the nearly 13 million allocated to the Department of Social Rights ”, highlighted the first mayor.

For her part, Francisca Muñoz, manager of DYA Málaga, has shown her appreciation for this economic supplement that will allow them to serve families who need it until the end of the year. “At the beginning of 2021 we thought we would have 180,000 euros but in July we noticed an increase in demand, instead of the decrease we thought.” In addition, he has detailed that in this second part of the program “attending to the demands of our users, we have chosen to give a physical card and also facilitate that it can be purchased throughout the month instead of having to do it all at once ”.

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