The municipality of Mijas has a new residential expansion area which is about to be inaugurated and in about a month and a half the Parque Las Lagunas, located between Camino de Coín and Avenida de Andalucía, will see the completion of the urbanization works of this space to be executed to 90%for which an investment of 20 million euros will be allocated, as reported on Wednesday by the Mijas Town Planning Councilor, Andrés Ruiz.

“The works are 90 percent complete and already show what a comfortable and sustainable space is going to be, the result of the urban design that we are seeking from the Mijas City Council to increase the quality of life of our neighbors,” Ruiz said during a visit.

“The new residential space will have more than 60,000 square meters of green areas and 2,000 surface car parksto which the parking spaces of each building will be added, which generates a pleasant environment that perfectly combines recreation areas with residential spaces and that also benefits the businesses in the area”, has detailed the municipe.

The person in charge of the urbanization work in the area is the compensation board of Parque Las Lagunas, an organization that is made up of the owners of the land, who have invested, according to its president, Juan Manuel Barea, “currently 15 million euros for interior works, although we still have another 5 million euros allocated to external works that will result in benefits for Mijas, such as a spillway tank, a connection to the electrical substation or the unfolding of the Islas Marianas roundabout. In total, 20 million investment for the surrounding urbanization works”.

The urbanization work in the area “carries advantages such as the creation of streets such as Benajarafe and Algatocín that, together with other new vials, They will decongest the traffic quite a bit in the surroundings of Camino de Coínespecially in areas such as the Islas Marianas roundabout, which will have another alternative exit to Parque Miramar.

The facilities in the area do not end here, since in this environment, Andrés Ruiz pointed out, “they will rise other infrastructures that Mijas has planned How is it the future residence for the elderly and the emergency school that will house space for the local firefighters.”

Similarly, “the Consistory has reserved a space for official protection housing and very close is growing Great Park of the Costa del Sol, which will soon be a reality, which shows that Mijas is not only committed to construction, but is also committed to a construction that offers quality of life to its neighbors, with large recreation areas, which is the structure and design that has of having a city”, the councilor concluded.

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