The Councilor for Sports of Benalmádena, Joaquín Villazón; and the Councilor for the Elderly, Irene Díaz, visited the local Sports Palace on Monday to report on a collaboration agreement that the City Council has just signed with this entity.

Specifically, the councilor has detailed that a collaboration agreement has been signed between the City Council and the Sports Palace so that “the partners of the active participation centers for the elderly Anica Torres and Silvestre González, and of the Gloria social centers Alonso and Carola will be exempt from paying the registration fee to access the Sport card.

“Thanks to this, they will have benefits in the activities, in addition to being exempt from paying tuition, which is why I want to thank the Councilor for Sports and the management of this sports center for remembering our elders, helping to facilitate equal opportunities so that everyone can enjoy these magnificent sports facilities”, Díaz has valued.

For his part, Villazón congratulated Díaz “both for this agreement and for the work he does on a daily basis for our elders, and thanks to this collaboration with the Palace as a government team we reaffirm our commitment to promoting sports among the elderly Township”.

“Benalmádena is one of the municipalities in which the elderly are more involved in the practice of sport, a fundamental aspect for good health”, the Councilor for Sports celebrated.

On the other hand, he added that “within the catalog of activities offered by the Sports Palace, swimming is especially interesting for the elderly, a sport that we could not offer from the Department of Sports, and which is a fundamental exercise.”

For his part, the technical director of the Benalmádena Sports Palace, Marcos Aibar, pointed out that for the company “it is a pleasure to contribute a grain of sand in promoting healthy habits among users of senior centers”. “The Palace is not only a sports center, but also a social one, and we currently have between 300 and 400 users over 65 years of age”, concluded the director.

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