During this morning there have been a series of acts of vandalism with the toilets on the beach of the Noria de Sabinillas. These public toilets have been burned.

This morning we proceeded to the module removal, which will mean that the City Council has to replace it, with the consequent economic spending for the municipal coffers and therefore for the neighbors of the town, as well as the inconvenience for all those people who use this beach area.

This type of act has been publicly denounced by the mayor Mario Jimenez, who has shown his rejection of them this morning. This type of act supposes not only an economic loss, but that the security forces have to put themselves in danger.

From the City Council they have made un appeal asking for the citizen collaboration in case someone could observe who or who have been able to carry out this action, and that they contact the local police to try to clarify the facts. At the same time, he recalled that this collaboration is necessary before cany criminal activityto be observed in the term.

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