Several premises of Marbella, specifically located in the area of ​​the Neighborhood of Torre Murciano and periphery, have been seriously affected by three unexpected power surges, which intermittently have smashed appliances and they have caused material damage.

Among the businesses affected, a pharmacy, a phone store, the pizza shop ‘The Little Star’ and Lola’s Tavern, whose responsible, Joseph, has been able to provide the Costa del Sol Area Newspaper with details of the incident: «We have all off and the showcases They are over exploding, after an hour in which there have been several cuts “, has specified the affected.

José stressed that the rise in tension has hampered especially the operation of its premises since «precisely the Thursday morning is when we receive all products«. «Now we have the clams, mussels or tuna that we were going to use this weekend, which is when more clients come, going bad on refrigerators turned off«.

On the other hand, the affected person from La Taberna de Lola has indicated that there is already a team of the Local police and several trucks of Endesa, who have come immediately to try to solve the problem.

«The neighboring premises have the microwave, the television and the refrigerator shattered. In principle, we lost half of it, but after the third cut we have already finished mess up everything«, Has commented José, who together with the rest of those affected wishes for the incident to be solve as soon as possible.

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