Damian Vazquez, the lawyer for the family of Victory, the 20-year-old young woman from Estepona that died infected by Covid At the beginning of August, he was interviewed by the team from Diario Área Costa del Sol to detail the case that, now, has reached the courts.

«Indeed, the young woman visited 7 occasions the Marbella Costa del Sol Hospital, in the emergency room, where they told her that they were very saturated, that there were patients worse than her. They were sending him home, home discharge and with different diagnoses, “said the lawyer for the affected family.

As Damián Vázquez has indicated, “the last day he was unwell, he told his relatives, I can’t take it anymore, I’m dying. They went to the emergency room, where faded, and when they went to admit her to treat her situation lasted very few hours. The family understands that, had he been given proper treatment, we would not be talking about this today. It is, without a doubt, a very sad case.

«The hospital has indicated that Victoria presented previous pathologies such as certain obesity and a delay in maturation, but we understand that they are not pathologies that lead to death in these circumstances. In fact, if we buy the argument of the Association of Patient Advocates, with more reason still should have been entered«, Vázquez has specified,« To all this has been added that the family has been infected by Covid recently and they haven’t been able to see their daughter yet«.

As the lawyer for Victoria’s family has been able to detail, “the complaint against the hospital in the Jury of the Guard, the autopsy, which is very good news that it is usually difficult for them to give you in these situations due to a death by Covid and we are awaiting the completion of this investigation.

Damián Vázquez has dealt with other similar cases related to sudden deaths of citizens with Covid and sequelae from the use of wrong vaccines, the vast majority of cases originated around the Costa del Sol Hospital. Not only has he had to face current cases due to the pandemic with this Marbella hospital, but “for a long time, there have been numerous claims against the Costa del Sol Hospital in areas, such as gynecology, due to deaths in childbirth and other medical negligence«.

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