Presentation of the haunted park of La Represa, in Marbella.
Presentation of the haunted park of La Represa, in Marbella.
  • News: Halloween will transform La Represa into a large ‘haunted park’ with free rides.

The Haunted Park Halloween celebration will have to wait. Due to the rain forecast throughout the weekend, The party that was to be held on Sunday the 31st in the Parque de la Represa is finally postponed to next Saturday, November 6, respecting the same hours and reservation numbers, established for visits.

La Represa park will become a great ‘haunted park’ with free attractions for both adults and children. Passages of terror ‘Trick or treat’, ‘Panic mansion’, a Halloween train, a ‘laser combat’, a ghost bus, a living graveyard or a zombie hunter game for adults, while for the little ones there will be boat ride, trampolines, ‘jumping’, mini-mounts or the children’s minotaur maze.

Each time slot will be specially focused on an age group and the last access, between 8 pm and 11 pm, will be aimed at adolescents and adults because the environment will be “darker and more terrifying”.

A Halloween that will go through water this weekend but that can be enjoyed next weekend in the most terrifying way.

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