The Ministry of Education and Sports, through the Andalusian Public Agency for Education, awarded the works of construction of a new IES in Las Chapas de Marbella for a budget of 5,786,842.11 euros and with an execution period of 18 months from its inception.

The construction of this center, which is being carried out by the company Anfrasa SL, will provide a response to the demand for schooling in the area and will allow the removal of five prefabricated modules. The construction of the new Las Chapas Secondary Education Institute is included in the Educational Infrastructures Plan of the Ministry of Education and Sports, which is carried out through the Andalusian Public Agency for Education.

These works, which will involve a total investment (including project and construction) of 6,066,121 euros, will have European co-financing Through the REACT-EU funds within the Feder de Andalucía 2014-2020 Operational Program, as part of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have indicated from the Board in a statement.

On January 7, 2022, the work start-up certificate was signed and work on the ground has already begun. Specifically, the operators are carrying out clearing work, preparation of materials and machinery, perimeter fence, placement of posters, etc.

It is an IES of typology D4 + B2.2, a center with four lines of compulsory secondary and two of baccalaureate, which represents a total of 620 school seats – (80 from high school and 140 from high school).

The new building will be located in a plot of 11,761 square meters close to the Costa del Sol Hospital and will have a total constructed area of ​​5,391 square meters.

The center will count, in the secondary area, with 16 multipurpose classrooms, two unfolding classrooms, two for support and pedagogical reinforcement, two music classrooms, two workshop classrooms and two plastic and audiovisual education classrooms. Likewise, there will be a specific special education classroom that will have an adjacent toilet adapted for students with special needs, equipped with a shower and space for a stretcher.

For the teachings of baccalaureate there will be four multipurpose classrooms, a double room and another for pedagogical support and reinforcement, three laboratories, a drawing room, another for technology and a practice room. The center’s teaching area will also have a library, ten departments, a gym and changing rooms.

In the administration area will be located the offices of management, head of studies and secretary, orientation room, office for associations of parents of students and for the students themselves, concierge and reprographics, secretariat and archive and teachers room .

As common services, the institute will have a cafeteria, a general store, four facilities, and a cleaning and garbage room. Finally, in the outdoor spaces there will be covered porches, two sports courts, vehicle parking for teachers, garden area, playground and orchard.

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