The construction works of a new stretch of coastal corridor in the area of ​​Arroyo Vaqueroin Estepona, have begun to develop a route that will allow the connection of the Bahía Dorada urbanization and the Avenida de México, and which has a investment of 229,986 eurosas announced this Friday by the deputy mayor of the Development, Infrastructure and Tourism (FIT) area, Ana Velasco.

The municipal official has detailed that the future section contemplates the construction of a 30 meter wooden bridge in length and 3 meters wide over the Vaquero creek.

Velasco has indicated that they have also projected two stamped concrete ramps of the color of the albero, 20 meters long, which will be attached to the new structure, as well as the work will be completed with the construction of 136 meters of pedestrian paths in front of the Bahía Dorada urbanization and a 36-meter-long natural pedestrian path, which will run from the access ramp to the stream to continue with the section already executed on Mexico Avenue.

The works, which will have a 10 week lead timeare co-financed by the ‘preactivation plan of the municipal economy of the Provincial Council of Malaga and the Consistory.

This new section is being executed by the company Urinci SLwhich has contributed 0.7 percent of the contract for social purposes, thus complying with a clause established after the pandemic by the government team in the bidding for public contracts to help the most vulnerable groups in the city.

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