The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) accumulates an investment of more than 44 million euros in works completed, in execution or planned for the improvement of roads in the province of Malaga, a program within which the Cancelada link, in Estepona, fully open this Friday to traffic. The Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, approached this point, highlighting its commissioning two months in advance, “a 33% reduction in the planned construction time, with the importance that this implies for the 50,000 users that they use this point on the A-7 motorway on a daily basis, ”he stressed.

The Cancelada junction, located at kilometer 165.6 of the A-7 as it passes through the Estepona municipality, allows the access from the highway to important population centers on both sides of the A-7, such as Cancelada itself, Bel-Air, Saladillo de Benamara and especially a series of beaches around the Estepona coastline.

Hence “the importance of completing the work by reducing the execution period from six to four months, an objective achieved thanks to the diligence of the Mitma Road Service technicians and the contractor company, which directly benefits the road users ”, highlighted Fernández. During the visit, in which he was accompanied by the sub-delegate in Malaga, Javier Salas, Fernández explained that at the beginning of this year a series of damage to one of the beams of the overpass, for which one of the rails was cut of the overpass.

However, this measure required that users who from Estepona wanted to access the urbanization of Cancelada and its surroundings had to carry out the U-turn three kilometers later, at the Benahavís junction, “A situation that complicated circulation in an area with high mobility”, hence the emergency of executing this work, amounting to 774,773 euros.

Thus, in May the works began with demolition work and replacement of the openings at night to affect traffic as little as possible “and ensure that before the summer return operation began, the bulk of the works could be completed, as it has been,” stressed the delegate, who recalled that “the August 28 at 08:00 the traffic was restored through the overpass, only in the absence of completing the rest of the actions that today are considered completed ”.

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