The Minister of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification, Antonio Sanz, has assured that the actions of works and emergency services in the area of ​​the Sierra Bermeja fire of September 2021 “already exceed 91% of execution”, with which he has ensured that “we comply with a commitment made right there”. In addition, he has indicated that the Andalusian Government has mobilized 4.6 million euros.

This is how Sanz responded in the Andalusian Parliament commission in response to the question asked by the PSOE parliamentarian for Malaga Josele Aguilar about the measures adopted in the area, after which he has reproached the Andalusian Government for “nothing or almost nothing” what was promised by the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, “has been done”.

Sanz, who has stressed that he has no powers “neither in reforestation nor in relation to Infoca”, has indicated that the Board “reacts with agility”, highlighting that the emergency work “began before a month was up”.

However, it has opted to continue working on new prevention and early detection mechanisms through new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence; but he has reiterated that the Board “reacts quickly to correct environmental damage and apply reforestation policies.”

For his part, Aguilar has indicated that Moreno “announced and promised, in addition to the fact that he would not rest until he found the culprit, all kinds of aid in the affected municipalities, apart from the recovery of the forest mass, as well as special plans and employment ” , but he lamented that the reality is that the recovery of the roads or infrastructures is being carried out “thanks to the contribution of the Government of Spain and the Provincial Council.”

Thus, he has criticized that “prevention programs are not maintained” “and the firewalls are once again ravaged”, in addition to the fact that “the announced employment plans have not been implemented.” “Taking photos with vests and looking at maps during the fire may be fine, but what a good president does is work for prevention and when it has occurred, to provide the necessary aid,” he said.

“Don’t forget Genalguacil, Jubrique and Júzcar, who have abandoned them, because then this will be nothing more than the usual propaganda of this Government,” lamented the socialist parliamentarian for Malaga.

In this regard, Sanz has stressed that “everything you can and a lot of work is done” and has ensured that “in a command post” you have to make very complicated decisions, consulting with the technicians. For this reason, he has indicated that “he will never” discuss “that a president goes where he has to be”, emphasizing, for example, that “Susana Díaz was in the Doñana fire.”

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