The PSOE of Marbella has transferred to the Environment Prosecutor the work carried out, with the “complicity” of the Marbella City Council, in a private plot where you want to install the Night Fair, for which they are taking “the rubble from Doha street without the necessary treatment”, while the Consistory ensures that only earth and gravel are being moved.

The spokesman for the municipal group, José Bernal, has pointed out that the Socialists have confirmed that the trucks depart from the works of the future underground car park of Divina Pastora and end up in the land located in the area of ​​Arroyo Segundo, south of the highway. This supposes “a very serious security problem if they want to install the Fair there, and it can also be constituting various environmental crimes.

Similarly, it has been indicated that has been transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office “the possible commission of a crime of fraud committed by the company awarded the work on Doha Street” by not managing the waste despite having received this benefit. In fact, one of the improvements of the contract included the treatment of waste that right now “is not being carried out”, he assured.

Related to this, Bernal has assessed that “there may also be a possible crime of embezzlement of public funds for unfair administration conduct and embezzlement, by allowing a private company to benefit from the not treating the rubble as stipulated in the specifications and the adjudication of the public competition. In addition to the benefit of the owner of the plot where the material is deposited and its land is adapted and compacted, he added.

The socialist spokesman has pointed out that the municipal group had knowledge last week of these actions by the neighbors, and immediately afterwards “we moved to the area to corroborate the facts”. Similarly, “we are aware that also Seprona agents have come up to three times.

On the other hand, it has explained, as stated in the documentation with photographs and videos that has been sent to the Prosecutor’s Office, that “concrete blocks, iron, pipes and even the drum have been thrown of a concrete mixer truck”, an action that he has described as “outrageous”.

“That’s how it’s been filled in the hole of the place where the fairground attractions will go for children”, he highlighted, also recalling that it is a place where a riverbed passesso it is a runoff area.

For his part, the Councilor for Works, Diego López, has assured that of Doha street are only moving “tearth and gravel”, at the same time that he has pointed out that they are removing rubble from the private plotcurrently eliminating “300,000 kilos”.

“We need to put a significant amount of meters of land because by removing rubble, there is a void that must be filled”, López declared in relation to the materials that, according to what he has indicated, are being moved from Doha Street, noting that “debris is not being brought” of the aforementioned route.

López has stressed that the Doha Street soil “compacts well and has all the necessary technical reports” as it is “perfect for compacting the entire area”.

Land is being brought from there and here what is being done is to remove all the concrete that there is with rotating machines”, due to the existence of “waste” in the private plot where the future fairgrounds will be located.

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