The patrimony of the mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, is the center of the debate that shakes what seemed well-established foundations of the Popular Party in the city of Malaga. The Marbella councilor updated his declaration of assets before the Senate last week, after it was revealed that his participation in four of them had doubled (by obtaining 100% of two companies of which he is a part, which he previously shared 50 % with her husband, investigated in a case of drug trafficking and money laundering).

In this statement, he highlights the house where the mayoress resides with her husband and in which his stepson also lives. The mayoress has 50% of Crasel Panorámica, owner of the mansion that in the market would be valued “at least 10 million euros“, according to different real estate sources in the area consulted by this newspaper. The same sources indicate that It was for sale in 2016 for 12 million euros. It has views of the sea, a large swimming pool, five bedrooms, a gym, cinema room, library, wine cellar, among other rooms spread over more than 1,700 built square meters.

Also, has a store in Madrid, although she declares it as a home. The mayoress assures that it has a value of 211,000 euros, although real estate analysts point out that it would be above 350,000 euros for the area in which it is located.

The next of the assets that he declares – which according to the first mayor has a cadastral value of just over 120,000 euros – is a penthouse in Benahavisfor him He also claims to receive 850 euros per month for rent. It should be remembered that this is the town with the highest per capita income in the entire province, which is why real estate experts point to more than half a million euros.

To this should be added a office in Marbellawhose value would be somewhat less than that of the Benahavís attic, two warehouses in the province, 12.5% ​​of a home in Estepona received from an inheritance berth in Puerto Banús and a plot of 2,700 square meters.

the mayor has a villa in a well-known Swedish city, which is valued at 151,000 euros. This villa was acquired in 2005 by the first mayor, and it is one of the ones that she declared to own 50% when she had 100% ownership. Taking into account the dimensions and the price per square meter in the locality, its real value would not fall below a million euros.

For all this in PSOE wonder “Where did those 12 million come from, from an alleged uprising of assets?”, asked the socialist spokesperson, Ángeles Férriz, at a press conference in the Andalusian Parliament, which has taken the figure from the calculations of “No one from the PP is surprised that this lady has 12 million euros or everything that is happening? The PP should give explanations. Moreno is in a panic. What are Juanma Moreno and Bendodo afraid of? ”, She concluded.

“From my savings as a doctor”

Speaking to The Sixth Key, Muñoz affirmed that his assets come from his “savings from my professional life as a doctor“. It should be remembered that the mayoress only receives a little more than 14,000 euros per year from the Marbella City Council for per diems and expenses. The main part of her emoluments come from her responsibilities as a senator, for which she receives more than 80,000 euros per year. In his latest statement, he also adds 689 euros from the Andalusian Health Service (SAS).

To this should be added, according to his declaration of assets, €1,200 monthly for the rental housing in Madridothers 1,200 euros for the rental of premises in Marbella and approximately 850 euros per month for renting your home in Benahavís.

According to his service record in the SAS between his years as a Resident Physician and after obtaining a place at the San Pedro de Alcántara Health Center, would have added a total of seven years and three months working as a sanitary.

Support of the PP

So far, at least in public interventions, No one from the leadership of the Andalusian or national PP has questioned the fact that Muñoz will run for Mayor of Marbella again. Juanma Morenopresident of the formation in Andalusia, pointed out that “there is no open investigation, neither by the courts nor by the Treasury”, he also pointed out that the mayoress has informed him that he is in a position to demonstrate that all his assets have a legal origin, despite this he stated “not know the origins, but surely they are lawful and legal“.

Elijah bendodonumber 3 in Genoa, stated about the candidacy of the current mayoress in an interview on Onda Cero, that “in principle nothing makes one think that it will not be like that“. And he stressed that in his municipal work “he has the support of the Popular Party”. Despite this, They have delayed the process to elect their candidates in the province.

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