The Ciudad de Marbella Theater will host the XV Sierra Blanca Flamenco Festival on November 8, at 8:00 p.m. The general director of Culture, Carmen Díaz, today presented the initiative together with the president of the Sierra Blanca peña, Juan Recio, and stressed that “it is a great satisfaction that this year an event can be held normally and with full capacity to enjoy to fans of the genre of an extraordinary cast “, while highlighting” the magnificent work carried out by the organizing association in the permanent dissemination of flamenco, enriching the culture of the city. “

Recio, for his part, thanked the City Council for its support and indicated that “it is a luxury to be able to hold the festival in a venue such as the Ciudad de Marbella Theater, which allows one to fully indulge in the best flamenco.” He has detailed that the program “is a selection of the most relevant artists in the area and takes local talent into account.” Specifically, Alfredo Tejada, Bonela Son, Chelo Soto and José Tomé will be singing the cante; to the dance, Claudia La Debla; on guitar, Ismael Rueda, Antonio de la Luz and Pepe El Línea, and on clapping, Gilberto de la Luz, Nano Cortés, Juan Laike and Ramón Heredia.

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